187 pounds

GOOD NEWS! When I weighed myself on Saturday morning, I was 187 pounds. That's 12 pounds down in less than two months, and while that isn't unheard of, amazing; I'm pretty excited! There are certain things, for sure, that have helped me since the end of January.

First, is the commitment to walking every morning with other ladies. If it were just me, by myself, there's no way I'd be getting up every morning at 6:10 to walk three miles. Not a chance. But, since there are other people expecting me, I show up, and showing up starts my day early and active.

Second, at the end of February I got a fitbit flex for my birthday, and this black bracelet has been all the incentive I need to help me stay active all day. Again though, if no one could see how many steps I was taking, I probably wouldn't take as many, but since other people can see through the phone app, and I'm competitive at anything I can win, I keep moving. This means the gym a couple times a week, a walk in the neighborhood at least once a day after the three mile morning walk, and a mall walk or something indoors if I need a change of scenery.

Third, I'd say that Matt's semester in school has helped me. Stuff that normal people might know, like BMI charts and what trans fat is, I've learned this semester through what Matt's been bringing home from school. It's common knowledge, but if you move all the time and eat more fruits and veggies, it really does help you lose weight. Less calories in and more calories out. I know now that I have to have a deficit of 3,000+ calories to lose a pound, which has me checking labels for serving sizes and such. Also, we've switched to whole wheat everything, turkey bacon, and added fish to our eaten more often meats. Little changes, all add up, and what Matt is learning in his nutrition and diet classes is helping our home.

I'm excited for the healthy habits we're beginning this year in our home. I can't believe it's March. If Christian hadn't been stillborn in January, this would be a different post. I'd be showing you belly pictures and screaming about how I'm due in three weeks, but instead, it's a weight loss post, because without a baby to show for the extra pounds, they're much harder to carry. Just an honest post. I'm excited because I've been faithful to move and eat well, and it's showing on the scale, but I'm sad still, off and on, because we miss our baby.

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