Healthy habits abound, and yesterday I walked over 20,000 steps. Each dot on the fitbit represents 2,000 steps (you can customize this), and the goal is to reach 10,000 steps each day. So yesterday, I doubled my goal! Here I'd like to insert audio from a Star Wars pod-racer video game we played as children.

The internet is a marvelous tool. How else would I be able to impose annoying voices on you? What an excellent way to celebrate my new step record for the year. Please play that for yourself repeatedly every time you accomplish something new.

I'll give you a weight update soon. Even if I've gained weight, I'll letcha know. This morning I made my favorite green smoothie, but I didn't have a banana, and though I swallowed it like a grown up, it was ick. Let's make bananas a grocery list essential, mmk?

Having a fitbit makes exercising competitive, and competitive is synonymous with fun around here. This work week, for example, myself and three friends are competing to see who can get the most steps. I walked over 20,000 steps yesterday, and I'm still only barely ahead. Blast you other competitive humans!

If you have a fitbit, let me know! I'd love to have more people to challenge/be challenged by.

I have this one, the Fitbit Flex, which syncs with an app on my phone for constant tracking of myself and the people I'm in competition with. Once I lose weight, I'm willing to be the fitbit spokesperson. Kidding. Sort of.

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