This morning I woke up with a black kitty on my feet, and my husband singing a birthday solo, before breakfast and presents in bed. There are thick sheets of ice, masquerading as snow, spread across the ground, and the temperature is a whopping eleven degrees. That's not a normal birthday occurrence for me and, frankly, not what I would choose weather-wise, but we'll ignore it. After work, we're getting dolled up (snow is a good excuse to wear fur) for a night out.

Earlier this week we ate cupcakes filled with strawberry bits and played an intense game of dominos with my family. They got me a fitbit to help me track my steps and keep up with this weight loss thing. Last night, to the tune of homemade strawberry cake and vegetarian lasagna, we had a Nowak family night that centered on me, and the presents were on point. I lost a game of Catan: Cities and Knights, but I had three secret victory points (on top of the eight points on the board), and having secrets makes life full of small smiles. If you don't play games with your friends or family, I think you're missing out on some of the best smiles you can collect. If you need recommendations, I've got some. Spoons is a recently rediscovered classic that I enjoy even when I lose.

I had hoped (and by hoped, I mean expected) that I would be pregnant this birthday. I would have been. I should be almost eight months pregnant, and I'm not. That makes today less sweet than it otherwise would be. I've heard people talk about how hard it would be for us to be pregnant again. Terrifying, sure, but the best possible thing we can imagine. If you're brave enough to ask in faith, ask God for us.

In case you missed the transformation in the pictures above, my husband shaved his beard yesterday. Some ladies are all about bearded men, and I'm a fan of it in looks and principal, but if it's someone I get to make-out with, the beard is like the raisins in trail mix: just an obstacle on the way to the good stuff. So, yay for smooth kisses! That's a birthday gift in itself!

I've finished my first quarter century. It rushed by, packed full of moments. I'm thankful to God for the people I've shared the moments with.

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  1. Praying in faith for your second baby soon!


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