three mile mornings

Go away, snow. I want to wear shoes that aren't water-proof, take pictures in the sunshine, and go for walks on ice-free sidewalks. This morning we walked our three miles on partially icy, well-lit roads, but soon the time change will steal our sunshine.

I re-joined the gym this week. What a grown up sentence. With my three mile mornings and some time at the gym every day, I should lose weight faster, which will be encouraging. Yesterday I did my three miles outside (icy roads and all) and then did three miles on an elliptical at the gym. I brought my sister Bekah, for her first trip the gym. I thought we'd go slow, but Bekah saw I was going the tiniest bit faster than her (not competing, I assure you) and felt pressured to blow me away. So we did three miles in half an hour, which isn't breaking any world record, but is much faster than I was intending for us to go. My calves would like me to tell you how much they enjoyed the three mile walk this morning while still recovering from the gym. My calves are sarcastic.

I'm loving having a fitbit to remind me how many more steps I should try to get in and to cheer for me for having so many active minutes and meeting all of my goals. Because I'm getting up earlier than I used to, I feel like there's more time in the day to accomplish housework, and we were talking last night about how I want to finish writing my book and start some new hobbies too. You can make time for so much, and I want to do more things I enjoy. My days are certainly as full as they've always been, but full of walking instead of sleeping, and ellipticals instead of ice cream. Man, I miss ice cream.

Where do you fit in working out? What did you have to sacrifice?

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