191 pounds

One of my favorite parts of weight loss this year has been getting up over an hour and a half earlier than I used to wake up. At 6:25 we begin our three mile walk, and before 7:30 (today it was 7:07), I'm home and throwing an egg in the cast iron pan.

Obviously, I also sort of hate that part of losing weight. The walking, biting wind, blistered feet, and rainy mornings are rough, but they pale in comparison to the loss of sleep. If we aren't crawling into bed by 10:30, my grouch-o-meter starts to rise.

But if I had to force the early rising into either "pro" or "con" category, I'd stick with pro. It's nice to be dressed, awake, have exercised, read my Proverb, and eaten breakfast before a time when my alarm would have just been beginning to sing.

So, eight pounds this month. Not setting a world record there, but I'm happy. We're still eating well. No desserts or junk food at home. No seconds. More fruit for sure. No cereal. More water. I'm also mall-walking every Thursday night. It's a good start to something good.

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