thirteen weeks

Today I went in to the doctor and got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time! Everything looks and sounds good! We're so excited for this growing life! Today they also scheduled the gender finding out appointment for early December. That seems forever away, but I know it'll sneak up and tackle us in a good way.

The neighbor's kittens are the best. I love baby cats more than I love big cats, and that's saying something. I could sit on the neighbor's steps surrounded by tiny attack kitty cats all day. I think Tater saw me cheating on him. He's not a fan of other cats.

A couple of neighborhood kids joined me on the steps, and the younger one wanted to take my picture. She directed the sideways peace sign, in case you think that's my go-to picture taking face.

Matt power washed our house before his birthday party. I didn't even know our house was so pretty! It's the American dream. :) Married to the man who was made for me, pregnant with our first baby, living in a little white house with black shutters, greeted at the door by a frisky, old dog, climbing into a bed which is pre-warmed by a giant, black man cat. Love, love, love. I love the life God has given me.

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