matt's 26th

For his birthday, my handsome husband requested a backyard fire pit with friends and family. My camera doesn't do well in low lighting, but I'm still glad to have captured pieces of the night. Half of these were taken by an eleven year old guest, who wasn't afraid to get in people's faces.

We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire, ate homemade (by future sister-in-law) cupcakes that were stuffed with fruit, and played basketball, foosball, and pool until after midnight. We also invited our guests inside to sign our kitchen floor subfloor/draw us amazing pictures before we cover it with bamboo in the (hopefully) near future. You know, normal party activities.

We're celebrating his birthday with his family this weekend, and then as a couple on the actual day next week. I'm glad we got to have a little bit of time with friends and family, including some people who hadn't been to our house since we moved in a year ago.

I'm thankful for him, ya know. He's selfless, kind, and twenty-six.

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