breezy days

It's fall, now. Not because the calendar has deemed it so, but because when I leave my house in the morning the grass is still wet with a cold looking dew.

If it sounds like I'm bragging, far from it I assure you; I have no control over how easy this pregnancy has been, but my first trimester presented no problems worse than exhaustion and occasional nausea. The new stage is even easier. My tummy is growing so that people wanna reach out and touch it, and I feel less sick and more full with a second human.

In case you're wondering if I'm about to start bragging, I am. By one measurement, Matt is in the top 10% of athletic people in Hampton Roads. We visited an adventure park attached the to Aquarium here, and on Matt's first trip through the courses, he completed the double black diamond course which the crew members said only 10% of the people who start are able to finish. I know I could never have done it. Aside from being over 50 feet off the ground (which I don't think would scare me), the obstacles required a lot of upper body strength and stamina. Most of the men who I saw quit, didn't fail because they fell part way through an obstacle, but instead because after completing obstacle after obstacle, they didn't have the strength to continue to the next one. Yay, Matthew!

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