seven weeks


Sleepy. Like generally tired. A little blah and bleh. Matt was eating pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate and bananas, and when he offered me some, I could have barfed. Also feeling like shouting it from the rooftops. I wanna tell strangers since I can't tell friends. Ya know? Like, "How are you?" "Pregnant. How are you?" :) Also, feeling sneaky. Cause people ask, ya know? Like people give me advice on infertility and I'm like, "Thanks so much!… already pregnant though." One lady said, "It'll happen really soon!!!" and I just wanted to hug her and tell her. Also, people keep asking if we have kids or want kids or have been trying. And BAHHHH!! I hate secrets. I hate buying Christmas presents and not immediately telling the person I bought it for. Cause, it's fun to share fun things. And being pregnant is good news!!!

Week Eight ------> Here

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