six weeks

Gahhhh!!! Baby!!!! First little tummy baby!!!

 I'm feeling pretty well at this point. I haven't been nauseous at all yet. I've been sleepy more than normal, and I'm having some trouble sleeping at night (especially the night we went out for coffee with friends after church. normally that sort of thing doesn't keep me up all night). I've had normal tenderness and sensitivity (the first sign for me). I also have been making several extra trips to the bathroom every day. Re-reading this, it's a little too much info, but it's what my body's been up to as it makes room for little goose.
Also, feeling like the worst secret keeper in the world. I wanted to tell you! I promise. I literally named the first post after I found out I was pregnant, "Normal." Like. Normal. Like, nothing to see here. Just normal life going on. Not pregnant. Everything's normal.

How did I tell Matt?
Matt and I have a little present system where we leave gifts for each other in the mailbox. So, he'll say, "Have you gotten the mail today?" and then when I do there's a gift waiting for me. Not something that he had mailed to the house, but something he bought and stuck in the mailbox. So, the day I found out (Bekah was over, and it's a tiny miracle I didn't tell her), I took a polaroid picture of the first positive pregnancy test (followed that day by two more) and put it in the mailbox in an envelope. Matt actually beat me home, cause I went to drop Bekah off so we'd be alone, so I was worried he would check the mail before I got there. When I got home, he hadn't found the envelope, and I was too impatient to wait, so I took the envelope out of the mailbox and met him halfway. "Got something for you." I'm pretty sure that's how eloquent I was. For starters, I was trying to be chill so he wouldn't suspect, but I was also bursting to scream it, so I was trying to keep my speaking to a minimum. When he pulled out the polaroid (that said, "pregnant") he just said, "Really?!?!" over and over, while I assured him (in hugs and kisses) that it was true. We spent the next hour or so sitting on the couch with his head on my shoulder in mostly silent bliss before heading upstairs to make our families a video to tell them (which now you've seen).

Next week -------> here.

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