eight weeks


Off and on. Like, I thought I wanted chocolate milk, but then after I drank it I wanted to lay on the couch for the rest of the day, so I wouldn't vomit. I've napped twice this week cause I wasn't gonna make it through the afternoon, but then I also have trouble sleeping even if I don't nap. So that's a lose-lose. One night this week I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep because a toasted cheese, tomato, and basil (and possibly bacon) sandwich sounded too good to me, but I resisted the need. I haven't actually thrown up yet, which is good.
Excited because we put the crib together and bought a new rug at IKEA! We've always called the room across the hall the nursery, but now I don't cause I don't wanna give it away before everyone knows. Haha, lame.
In love, cause Matt says, "I love you, two." and it sounds to other people like the normal, "I love you, too", but I know it's not. Hehe. Secrets.
Counting down the days til we'll get to see Baby Nowak on Thursday! (and tell everyone!, man I wanna tell everyone!) In case you're wondering why we decided to tell everyone before we made it out of the first trimester and into the "safe zone" it's because we were too excited to keep it to ourselves, and if something should happen to our little baby, we'd rather everyone already knew so they could be there for us with big hugs and sad hearts.

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