nine weeks

Now I'm nine weeks, and everyone knows! I feel really good! I go through stages of bleh, that normally have to do with eating dessert when I don't need it. This baby is trying to keep me healthy. I was told to only gain twenty pounds this pregnancy, and so far I have lost two pounds, so that's a good start.

Matt and I can't stop giggling, and whispering, "Baby!" We've both wanted this our whole lives and prayed for it together for years. God knew the perfect time, and, Lord willing, by the end of April we'll be parents!

I always wished I had an older brother, because I thought it would be handy to have someone to stand up for me and to have attractive friends for me to fall in love with. As it worked out, my younger brother introduced me to Matthew Nowak, so the order didn't end up making a difference. Regardless, because I always wished I had an older brother, I've always wanted to have a baby boy first, but since we've found out that I'm pregnant, I've felt a little like it was a girl. Maybe because I watch Maura so I'm used to having a baby girl around (though she's walking now, so not really a baby), or maybe because I'm the first born girl of a first born girl, but either way, if I had to take an early uneducated guess, I would guess girl. We still have eleven weeks before we'll know either way, so in the mean time, I'll twiddle my thumbs and register for things that gender doesn't affect.

That picture is of one of my brothers and me with one of our Pop-pop. I only have two memories of him, but I'm glad I remember him. This baby has six living great-grandparents, and I hope each one of them gets the opportunity to meet and love on our little one. Life continuing is so exciting.


  1. I am glad you're not feeling too awful during your first trimester! I lost quite a bit of weight in the beginning from being sick but put it back on really quick once I started feeling better!! haha Also - I wanted my first to be a boy for the same exact reasons you listed! But of course we couldn't be more excited to be having a girl. Looking forward to lots of pregnancy updates from you the next 7 months!

    1. Glad your pretty lady came! I almost wish I were more sick. I could stand to lose a couple pounds. :)


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