ten weeks

I guess it's more of the same. Maybe it will be until I get to hold this baby in my arms. All day long I feel like I'd be better off napping, but at night I toss and turn more than I ever did pre-baby. As far as sickness goes, I think I've been pretty blessed. Just a little bleh off and on throughout the day. Nothing serious. On a happy note: I'm pregnant, and check out that Ikea rug. Hello, beautiful.

I did a devotion the other day at a wedding shower, and it was an encouragement to my heart to re-study all the truth in the Bible that directs us as wives. I'm thankful God took the time to give us His Word. Also, super thankful for my husband. Even though I'm more emotional than normal (and yes, I know it), he's been everything I need.

We got new phones (we went with Republic Wireless, which will save us $600 a year over Verizon), and we've enjoyed having camera phones that work. For less than $50 a month, Matt and I have smart phones, unlimited talk and text and one phone with 3G internet access. It's a good deal, folks. Plus, sending your husband a picture when you feel pretty only helps the marriage relationship. :)

In two weeks I go back in to the doctor. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll be out of my first trimester then! I'm thankful for the baby God has given us. I'm thankful that we got to see it wiggle and watch its heartbeat. I love it already, ya know.

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