Did you see those neutral sandals half-buried in an urban jungle backyard in Philly? Well, they bit the dust on Saturday, but not before they had walked through at least ten states. I'm pretty proud of them, and sad that I had to change my "go-to" summer foot wear. We traveled through Philly twice, both going to the wedding and coming back, both nights catching dinner and zzzs with Matt's siblings who live there. On the way back through we made a thrift store stop where we passed up a red rocking moose (like horse, but moose), which is one of those things I'm still thinking about a week later. We did buy an awesome piece of art for above our bed (that's been an empty space for too long), which will be making its grand appearance as soon as I take a picture of it. Also, on our way out of Philly, we walked through Ikea (dude, we need one closer to us than D.C.) and merrily filled our cart with beautiful (mostly white) tid bits.

We walked a little around Philly, but I didn't carry my camera around.


Philly was our first (and last) stop on our trip up north. Next stop: New York!

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