new york

This trip didn't see us in NYC, but Matt had never been to New York, so we made sure to stop as we were passing through. Some day the two of us want to see the city up close, though I'm not sure either of us want to drive through it. The whole time we were driving by NYC I was thinking about HONY and wondering what I would say if we ran into him. His website is full of little pieces of people and their world-views, and even though I don't agree with every world-view he depicts, I appreciate that we all have similarities and differences, being created in the image of God. He's also the man who hooked us up with our dog Max, so I'd thank him for that. I guess there's still time to plan that imaginary conversation, since who knows how long it'll be before we make it up that way again.

At this point in the road trip the CDs were all being freshly played, and everything was exciting. It's fun  to be with ^that guy as he collects states (Matt's been to more states than me, but I didn't get any new ones on this trip). The next stop was the longest: a Pearson wedding! Gah. Love!

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