chris and jewel

In case you hadn't heard, my brother Chris got married last weekend. Sealed with a full-on, open-mouthed kiss. That kind of married. How cute is this couple? They are going to have some beautiful, part-asian babies.

Marriage is my favorite thing ever (because Matthew is my favorite person ever), and I know that Chris and Jewel have purposed to put Christ first in their lives together, so their marriage will be just as fun as ours. All day long this couple radiated joy, and it was an honor to be close by as they made their public vows. They'll be staying with us for a month this summer (Chris did last summer in Knoxville too) before they head to China to be English teachers. We traveled up to Connecticut for their lovely wedding and went on from there traveling all up the east coast. Matt got to collect a couple of states he hadn't been to yet. I'll be back soon with posts on our travels. We had a blast on vacation, but there's nothing so wonderful as sleeping in your own bed and waking up in your favorite state. Excuse me while I put in another load of laundry and thank God for watering our garden Himself this morning. That's one less thing I have to do to catch up on housework.

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