master bedroom

Art is one of those crazy expensive, ridiculous home goods that you need for your walls. The catch is… you have to look at it every day, so if you don't like it, you shouldn't buy it. But if you do like it, and it's one hundred and fifty dollars (example of beautiful sailboat painting I saw recently), you also shouldn't buy it.

At a thrift store in Philly, this vintage beauty was hanging on the wall. Do you know how often men are depicted as blondes? Lemmethinknever. Mmk, rarely ever.

Blonde dude. Check.
Brunette Chick. Check.
Red-head who Matt is holding hands with we can pretend is me with red hair. Check.
$12. Boo-yah. Check.

Yay for beautiful, cheap art. Hip. Hip.

p.s. Holding another girl's hand is better than squeezing another girl's butt. That one happened in real life. You can read it, here.

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