Often, when I think about bragging on my husband, I simply don't do it. Mostly, it's because your husband might be lazy and selfish, and I don't want to rub in your face that my husband isn't, but he deserves my bragging.

^ Those pictures are from our wedding. I sorta hate the pictures from our weddings because when I'm reeeeeeally happy, I look borderline angry with my face all scrunched up, but it was such a magical day. The day I married Matt he committed to love me forever. It was just a piece of paper with our names on it, but it came with a public declaration of love.

Six days a week my husband wakes up a couple of hours before I do. I get up at 7:45 and that seems like a reasonable (even early) hour, but often my husband has to be AT work at 5:30. I read somewhere that people who kiss goodbye every morning live longer. That's probably an unstudied exaggeration, but I declared it to my husband as fact years ago, and he has kissed me goodbye every morning since.

So every morning, I feel the mattress to my left shift, and my husband's soft voice wakes me up. I don't hear his alarm go off, or feel him leave the bed most mornings, but awhile later when he comes back to kiss me, I roll toward him and whisper non-sensical things with my eyes closed like, "I hope have a good day." or , "Mmk. I love you too bye."

When he comes home from work, half of the time I don't have dinner ready. Sometimes he is sweaty and warm, and I don't want to fall into his arms. He never plops down on the couch unless he's dragging me with him. He hardly ever spends time with just his guy friends. He rarely complains. He normally asks, "What can I do to help you?" and then goes about doing it while I work on dinner. Sometimes after a long day of manual labor on little sleep, He comes home and mows the grass or works on the house: drywall, spackle, sand, repeat.

Matthew and I love being married. Most days are rosy and lovey-dovey. Most days we make-out a bunch. Some days I cry and say I feel like he doesn't appreciate me, and he pulls the car over and holds me and tells me how much he loves me. Even the "bad" days are good days. Even the fights end in victorious love. I'm so thankful for him. I'm so proud of how hard he works every day. I notice. Every day, I notice, but most days I forget to thank him. So, this is me thanking him. He's such an awesome leader. He's sensitive to God's leading in our lives and is quick to love others. Even if we never have babies, I'd rather be married to Matthew Gabriel Nowak and never get pregnant, than have a family full of children with someone else.

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