three years

We were chatting online one time (that used to be the best way to fall in love), in the summer of 2009, when he sent me a link to a song. The song was called "I think I love you." I'm so glad for your bravery that day, Matthew. I'm so glad God put us together. We've been together five years next month, and yesterday we celebrated three years of marriage. I'm so happy, Matthew. I think I love you too.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. "That used to be the best way to fall in love." <-- Hilarious. & true. Maybe just for us 2006-2010 couples? Whenever people ask how we met, we get to say it started at homeschool prom & progressed to Myspace. CLASSIC ;)

    Happy anniversary to you two!

    1. Yep, homeschool soccer team + gmail chat for Matt & I. Love is my favorite.


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