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It's been awhile since I listed out the blogs that I check every time I get access to a computer (that sounds like a lot, but our house doesn't have internet, so it's only a couple times a week). Here are the ones I most look forward to.

 Emily Henderson's blog.

Emily Henderson's blog. This pretty lady was the first person who inspired me to care about what my house looked like, style wise. One summer, when I was nannying, and living away from family and friends in another state, I saw her win HGTV's Design Star, and I've been a fan of her ever since. She's got pretty style. Like, she's my fave. Also, she just had a baby, who she loves to the moon, and I like that too.

Ruby's blog is all about her family. She makes real life look real and pretty, and I think it's rare that real life is both. Her family is too cute, and I appreciate her heart for raising them.

Jenny Komenda's blog is a little too serious for my personal style, but it's so pretty. If I want eye candy, or a reproducible upscale idea, she's the girl I go to.

Kelsey Bethune's blog is real life and lovable. She's got a handsome husband and does fun plus and minus posts. I played soccer with this lady in high school, and it's cool that she has such a lovely life to give us peeks at. 

Katie's Pencil Box is my favorite blog, but she barely ever posts, so it's just a rare and beautiful glimpse at a picture perfect family. She also paints, and I bought one of her paintings a couple months ago.

There are others of course that I read, but this is the roundup that I most look forward to.

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