back to school

Having your own home in May and enough money to run the a/c is magical. Last summer (and the summer before that) we didn't run our a/c unless we were having guests over, and it was incredibly sticky hot. This summer we are saving money for Matt to go back to school next year, but it's not the every-penny-all-consuming-save like it was in the past. I'm so thankful for the husband God gave to me. He's so honest, hardworking, and kind. The main reasons he wants to go back to school are for me: To have a more set schedule so we see each other for more than 2 hours before bed and to make enough money so we can fill up our bedrooms with children (adopted or natural). I am in no way pushing for him to change jobs or go to school, but I'm so thankful that he wants to take such good care of me and be a father some day.
If you have a husband who loves you enough to work hard to meet the needs of your family, thank him. Not everyone is so blessed.

p.s. See how big our fiddle leaf fig has gotten since we bought it three months ago?

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