in bloom

One of my favorite things about living in this home, has been seeing what shows its pretty, little face this spring. We have planted many things: flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but seeing what was already here break the surface has been exciting. We're slowly chipping away at the kitchen. Most of the dishes and such are now in the painted cabinets (upper are painted, lower are only primed), and it's nice to not have to take a trip down the hall to get a plate. I noticed recently that I hardly ever take pictures of myself and put them on the blog, and I know the reason why. Mostly, it's because I'm trying to lose weight, and I'm not really happy with my body right now. I've been going to Planet Fitness 4/5 times a week and running (elliptical) 3/4 miles (as many as 6 once) each time. It's helping some, but it also makes me want to eat cookies. It's a real life struggle. :) Anyways, that's what I look like today. Twice, in fact, because I couldn't decide which, if either, was a better picture. Happy Spring, y'all! Get outside today and enjoy the sunshine!

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