game night

I met my husband when we were just little kids, playing soccer on the same team, both crushing on someone else. Ten years later, I was invited by my brother to a game night at the Nowak's house, and I wasn't interested, but felt compelled to show up. Then, I made an awkward situation worse by accidentally showing up an hour early. I sat in their living room for the bare minimum that I thought wasn't rude and then I booked it out before game night actually started.

That didn't stop me from coming the next time though. You see my plan was to go to game night so I could tell my parents I had (without lying) and then leave early and go somewhere else (probably with a boy). I may have done that a couple times, I honestly don't remember, but slowly I started staying for the whole game night. The ultimate frisbee was fun, and I got cast in a home movie. You know, the normal things that draw a couple together.

Matthew and I fell in love at game night. And I love love. It's been five years since then, and last night we had a game night. The green shed hasn't changed much, evolving only in the clutter on the walls, but we are not the same. I am different.

Yesterday we had a blast playing a new game, reenacting famous photos. How'd we do?

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