life these days

In case you were wondering how our home is looking these days, I took some pictures. I figured I'd show you now, so when I show you the afters you can actually be impressed. Everything that isn't finished is just in progress and kinda icky, but in a totally livable, no-big-deal sorta way. We're almost finished re-drywalling in the kitchen, and I've reupholstered some of our dining chairs, so those things are good. Our wittle tomato seeds are getting so cute and big. I'm kinda in love with them and hope they live. We're painting our kitchen cabinets, but we have to finish drywalling before we can bring them in. You get it, right? Every project has ten sibling projects that have to be completed first. It's all getting close.

p.s. That mirror in the bathroom is not the one I bought for that spot. We're waiting to finish sanding and painting the bathroom before we put in the light and mirror.

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