I've been hanging out with this baby girl, who my cat is not in love with. He's all like, "Why is this thing that makes noises allowed on my bed?" But, he needs to learn to chill around babies (like stay in the same room as), since hopefully soon there will be one who gets to permanently hang out with me. It was Max (our dog) who I was most worried about, but he's been all normal and, "What baby? I didn't notice."

A couple years ago I did that charcoal self-portrait and I'm pretty proud of it. For the most part, it looks like a version of me. But that darn painting. I'm no where near finished with it, but it doesn't look like me yet. That painting, like much of our house, is in that in-between stage, where people look at it and say, "Yes, I can tell it's a girl." or "Yes, I can see the direction your heading in this kitchen." When really, it just looks like a mess and I want to shout, "THIS IS NOT WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE IN THE END! It's ok to say it's at an awkward stage." Eventually things will come together, but, let's be honest, the unfinished stage can be a refreshing reminder that we have to work to get to the end goal.

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