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These are two of the bathroom pictures I've pinned. What do they have in common? Black and white tile, no under sink storage, mostly white, and a mirror that's rounded on top but flat on the bottom. Most of that is attainable (or impractical), but man that mirror was tricky. I looked online and found ones that I felt meh about. Yeah, they were kinda what I was looking for, but not the right finish and way expensive. I figured I'd keep looking at thrift stores and hopefully stumble on the perfect one.

Thrift stores amaze me. If you go often enough (to a variety of stores) you can always find what you want eventually. So, for a couple months I've been on the lookout. Honestly, I haven't been incredibly proactive about it. I've just been looking whenever I made it to a thrift store (which is less than once a week these days)(used to be every day in Knoxville). Happily, today as I was running errands for the day job, a store I was supposed to pick something up from wasn't open for twenty more minutes. I ran into the CHKD in the same parking lot and was looking through the books when one of the workers wheeled out a newly-priced tub of art and mirrors. Yep, there it was.

We had looked into getting a mirror custom cut, but that was gonna run us over $70. So, we waited. This mirror? $15 + 25% off. Yippee. It's one of those things where I ran toward it and then had this weird heart attack that someone else was going to rip it from my hands before I made it to the car. Dramatic, I'm aware. So, a little more sanding of the walls in there, and a couple coats of paints and then at least the mirror that gets to live there forever will be in place. Color me excited.

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