When we bought our first home, I showed you this (blurry) picture of our living room wall. When you first walk in the front door, this is to the left. The doorway leads down the hallway (bedrooms and bathroom), but also to the kitchen that is on the other side of this solid paneled wall.

I told you when we made it down to the studs. See? Same doorway there in the far right of the picture, but the wall is partially torn out, showing the kitchen.

Here's where we are now. We widened the doorway to the hallway. If you look at the initial picture (when we first bought the house) you'll see it's just a normal sized doorway, and now it's about a doorway and a half. Also, we've completely knocked out the wall between the living room and the kitchen and properly supported the second story. We had a bunch of advice from carpenters + a handful of dudes who helped my husband do this, which made us feel so loved. It's nice to have friends and family helping us as we make this place our home. Matt has worked long and hard to make this home what I want, and I'm so thankful for a husband who loves me enough that he's willing to pour his time into making our home beautiful. Also, there's been tons of white paint. You can see the hallway (through the widen doorway) has been finished along with the two downstairs bedrooms. We're getting really close to finishing the upstairs bedrooms too! Then we'll only have the kitchen/dining room/living room and bathroom to finish. That still sounds like a chunk of work, but it's much less than we started with. Getting the wall out and properly supported was definitely the biggest task we took on, and it is done done done! :) I can't finish a post without showing you Tater. He's been such a little trooper. First taking on the move from Tennessee to Virginia, and then the move from the Nowak's home to our own home. He's my favorite little goosecat.

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