first house

Yesterday, we bought a house!!!!! So, goodbye life savings, hello home sweet home! I'm majorly looking forward to the decorating stage, but we are so not in that stage. We're currently in the painting paneling and tearing out walls stage. We have no dining room, so we're tearing out the wall between the kitchen and living room to make the "eat in kitchen" space more of a dining room.
I need to whip up a floor plan for ya'll and take more pictures, but I'm too busy priming wood paneling, and dreading re-mudding the living room plaster. You know, normal home owner woes. :) As dad pointed out yesterday, "If this house had looked like this when you toured it (wall down to studs, kitchen floor partly removed, etc.), you wouldn't have bought it!" It's true, but this is just the in between stage. We're hoping to get the bedroom finished and move in by the end of the week.
I'm so overwhelmed and excited! It's the strangest mixture.

I'll try to have some inside progress pictures for you later this week.

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