home update: painting and removing walls

This is the evolution of a bedroom. First, shaggy carpet and dark fake paneling. When we looked behind the paneling, we found plaster that needed to be re-mudded before it could be painted, so to save time and money, we've painted over the paneling in two of the bedrooms (the ones downstairs). It took two coats of oil based primer and twoish coats of latex paint to really cover well. Also, we painted the ceiling with two coats of latex (you can see how yellowy it was in the first picture).

The first two pictures are the same wall in the living room. The second picture is the back(other side) of that same wall in the kitchen. The last picture is the benches torn out and the wall down to studs. Also, the ceiling over the eat in area was lower than the rest of the ceiling so we tore that out too. We would have left the eat in area if there was a separate dining room, but there was no dining room, and that booth area was not big enough/ open enough for having people over to dinner/ big family meals. So, we need to frame out the large opening and then we'll have a bigger and more open dining area.

We still have so much to do, but for only having worked on it for three days (plus having jobs and such that take most of our time), we're getting close to being able to move in our bedroom furniture, which means we could start sleeping in our house. Consider me excited. :)

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