white house black shutters

It's the American dream. Or, maybe it was just my American dream. To me a white house with black shutter is just classic American. Can you picture the flag waving in the front yard? Me too. Of course as we looked at houses, we were open to anything. Brick houses last the longest and (because of that) are the best for insurance purposes. Matt grew up with brick, while I grew up with siding. It could have easily gone either way. The last house we had an offer in on didn't even have shutters, so obviously that wasn't a requirement either (even though they are never functional, I still think they make the house look finished). Mostly we wanted a place for Matt to have a workshop and enough room to have a family. This home, may or may not be our forever home. If it's our forever home, we're probably going to have to add on a little.
We had the inspection yesterday and nothing was turned up that waved a red flag. Also, everything that needs to be updated, doesn't need it RIGHT AWAY. So, with that in mind, I can think of no reason why this won't actually be our first home. I'm so stinking excited. :)
Here's the little "before" tour. There are some things we will change almost immediately, but here's how it looks as we're buying it. If you're not ready for wood paneling, brace yourself. There are only four walls that aren't covered in wood paneling and for some reason I only took one picture of the bathroom and it is less than all-encompassing. Yes, that's a lot of wood paneling.

We're going to replace the railing/supports on the front porch because they're rusted at the bottom and they're load bearing. Also, I don't like them, so it's kinda convenient that the inspector said we should replace them. I may have slipped him a twenty. Joking, but picture tapered posts there and drool a little. Also, I'd say there's a 90% chance that we'll get a more aesthetically pleasing mailbox/light fixture. Also, the porch will probably stop being maroon, but seriously y'all, our house is too cute even with all it's lack of pretty updates. It could stay just as it is and I'd still wanna fill it with blonde babies.

That's my father-in-law modeling our backyard. Well water for a garden is a major plus. Also, as silly as it may sound, consider me excited about having a trash can and recycling bin. Goodbye long hauls to the dump just to take the garbage out!

This is the living room (when you walk in the door). Told ya there was paneling. Picture it all painted white. Also, picture the carpet pulled up to reveal the beautiful hardwood floors hiding underneath. I know it's hard, but squint a little. Even so, it's all in move-in condition.

Here's the kitchen. Picture the drop ceiling removed, the cabinets raised, everything painted white, and updates as we live in it. Again, move-in ready.

Laundry room off kitchen will utility sink. Again. White. Change of light fixture.

Master bed. Wood floors under carpet.

Nursery. This room is across the hall from the master. There is also a full bath in this hallway, but somehow I missed it when I was taking pictures. It is already mostly white (tile,sink,tub, and toilet), so it is definitely the most finished room.

When you go upstairs (stairs were in the living room) you can go left or right into the other two bedrooms of the house. Both have slanted ceilings (finished attic), but they're perfect for a kid's room or office/playroom.

That's the whole house. It isn't giganormous, but it's perfect for a starter home! We've got big plans, and you can color me excited. Also, there's a one car detached garage with a workshop for Matt and attic storage above! We're so blessed! :)


  1. So cute Amanda! Congrats on your first home! I can't wait to see how you'll decorate and update the house :)

    1. Thanks, Meghan! We're too excited!


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