Just that word is one of my favorites. It's a mixture of tweety bird sweaters leaping into piles of pine straw and wet sand between the toes. It's the freedom of driving on your own, hair whipping all around you and curling up in warm blankets protected by your parent's presence across the hall. It's home, and it's good to be here.

This past week, we put an offer in on another house, and on Friday it was accepted! So Saturday, we moved down to stay with Matt's family until closing, but the seller let us move our stuff into the garage on Monday. That saves us the money of renting another moving truck and the pain of moving into storage and back out of storage. Today we are going to the house again for the inspection, so I'll take a bunch of pictures and then we're just finishing up the paperwork until we close on the 30th of September! We knew that when the other house fell through there would be something better, and it has all moved so quickly!

In the meantime we both started our new jobs yesterday, and we're enjoying the dynamic of a dog, cat, and mouse sharing the same roof.

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