september: pretty things

I found this black and white striped rug today and it is on sale. It's something I find myself repeatedly attracted to in pictures I pin/see in around the web or in books. Definitely going to want at least one of these for our new home(size yet to be determined).

This elephant watering can is less than five dollars. This would be a good Christmas present if you don't want to spend a lot and the person you're buying for is quirky. Or me. Or needs something shaped like an elephant to water their plants with. I happen to be all of the above.

These gold rimmed plates from Macy's are on sale and so so classy. I had a gift card to Macy's which I definitely spent on 6 of the dinner plates. So pretty.

Because we're about to actually have a house, I'm looking a lot more for practical, pretty things that I want to have forever, instead of place holder things because we don't know what the end space will look like. Of course, almost everything from the apartment will find a place in the home (and I'll be craigslisting what doesn't make the cut), but it's so fun to look with a space in mind.

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