When I first met you, you were one. Feisty, but tentative. Impossible to feed. In love with Mickey Mouse. You'd reach out a hand for me whenever you felt unstable. You didn't color inside the lines.
Now, you're five years old. You've started Kindergarten. You're brilliant. I hope you never stop asking questions. I hope someday your "garden" grows a fruit tree from one of the seeds we've planted. You can paint, rhyme, add, subtract, and dance. You're not afraid to try new things, and you ask for my help less and less all the time. My favorite moments with you have been the quiet ones, when everyone else is sleeping and we can dive into paint and glitter. You're an amazing artist. You're focused and deliberate. I love the way things click. You catch on to everything so quickly. You'd never admit it, but you love to be tickled. You're smart and beautiful. I'm going to miss coloring with you.

I've loved watching you grow up. When you run to the door screaming, "Miss Amanda!!!!" it makes the whole day better. You've always been independent, except when it's dinner time. I've never met anyone who takes so long to chew up their food. You tell the best jokes. I never have to wonder what you'll want to do when asked. It's always play-doh. You still need your lovey and your thumb. You like little braids and playing kitty cats. Bike rides, chickfila soup, gummies, bounce houses and marshmallows will always remind me of you. Your giggle is my favorite. I love to see you share and be kind. I'm going to miss singing you to sleep.

You're still just learning. I love the way you dance. You give the best open mouth kisses. Someday soon, I know you'll let go of our hands and take some steps on your own. I love the way you bark at puppies (and most other animals). Puzzles, baths, balls, pacis, blueberries, and crayons. Someday soon, you'll be able to do everything your sisters do. I'm going to miss watching you grow.

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