So many blogs I read have their own Facebook page, and I find that's the easiest way to keep up with them. You just like the page and then their posts show up in your feed. That way, you see them whenever you're on and it's a sweet little reminder that they have blogged. I know that some of my Facebook friends like to keep up with the blog, so I made my own Facebook page to make it easier to follow. That way, I can stop posting about the blog on my personal page, and just post the once on my Facebook blog page. Not that they'll be entirely separate, but just so I have a specific place for all the blog posts to go. I'll keep it up on my personal page for the next couple of posts until it seems like the stats of who reads the post and who likes the page level out, and then I'll just post them exclusively on the blog page.

So head over and like my Facebook page! :) See ya there.

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