Our "new home" was built in the 1940s. It's basically a Grandmother (almost great-grandmother) at this point. The panel is old. Like, I've never seen a panel with twisty knobs. The outlets in the house were mostly ungrounded. I think there were two in the whole house. I'm told that's pretty normal. I'm also told that people live normal lives in houses with ungrounded wires. Their houses don't often spontaneously combust, which is good.  My list of known info about electricity is pretty limited, but pretty high on the list is "Don't have ungrounded outlets, because your house might catch on fire for no reason."
Grounding 25ish outlets is pretty expensive. Just the copper wires are expensive, forget the labor to have them installed. On the off chance that they were feeling super generous, we asked the seller to ground the whole house and replace the (uber old) panel/breaker box outside. Honestly, I expected them to do the one, but not the other. Sometimes, my faith is so non-existant. Guess what? The seller agreed to replace the panel and ground the whole house. What?! We were still going to buy the house, regardless, but God granted us an extra financial blessing by removing the worry/money involved in rewiring a house full of outlets. There are other things we have to do still, but the seller knocked the biggest thing off the list when they agreed to ground all the outlets. We're so thankful! Every time I go by there it's feeling more and more like home. I'm so excited to start this new stage. Only 16 more days til closing!

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