Everything is alive and well, and life is filtered through the rose colored glasses of "the seller has accepted the offer, and it has moved on to the bank". Extra rooms to fill with babies, a mud room to make messes in, more cabinets than we could possibly fill: these are the things that fill up our conversations. I'm mentally painting shutters, planting fruit trees, and rearranging all of our furniture again. Matt won't let me start packing until July, and so instead I continue with the normal, finding joy in patience. Remember the coin jar I mentioned forever again? Well, after two years of marriage we decided that the move was a good excuse to count our pennies (and nickels, dimes, and quarters). $800 in that half filled coin jar. Makes me feel better for all the times I stopped to pick up change. We're aware of how much God has blessed us with. Obviously I'm not just talking monetarily, but everything. We've been given everything we need and SO much more; and if this house isn't the one, there'll be something even better waiting for us.

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