My favorite part about this post is that it isn't a post about the future. This isn't another " I can't wait..." post. This is a post about today. My job (as a nanny) ends this August when the freshman girls arrive, and my boss chooses a new girl to fill my shoes so that they will be set with someone before I need to quit for baby reasons (still not pregnant). August- job ends. Rent- already month to month. Matt's company has a branch in Virginia. Same job, same company, different state. We have a chunky down payment saved. Add all of these things together and we can spend the same we are spending here for rent on a mortgage at home. We started looking last week. We got pre-approved for our loan. We happened to already be going home for a wedding, so we checked a couple of houses out while we were there(drove by at least a dozen, but got to see inside our favorite). It was all happening really fast, but every door seemed to be open. We put in an offer on our favorite. It's more house than we need and under budget even though our offer was over asking price. There's also a land lord opportunity with this particular property (a one bedroom detached apartment). Today Matt's boss sent him a text about having spoken to the Virginia Beach company about his transfer. The text ended with "... You're pretty much hired no matter what." Since our loan is contingent on Matt's job transfer, this is a matter we've been praying hard about; Praise be to God, this door looks open! As you can imagine, the idea of moving home, starting a family, buying our first home, and having jobs waiting for us (I'll be working as a secretary for my church, which is exactly the kind of flexibility I'll need as we look toward children) is the most exciting thing is the whole world for us! Keep praying with us that we'll get the house that the Lord wants us to have and that we will be patient as we wait! Virginia Beach this fall? Oh, yes, please!!


  1. YAY! SO exciting! The Lord seems to be rewarding you for your patience and goal of focusing on Him. Glad to hear all is well!


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