I'm sorry it's been so quiet in my corner of the world, but there has been so much going/nothing worth noting. I started student teaching last month. Every day now I help with twelve fifth graders. I start actually teaching them tomorrow (well, I taught for an hour last week, but tomorrow I'll be graded). In case you've forgotten, I was homeschooled my entire life, so this has been my first elementary classroom experience. So far, it's going pretty well, but the real test will come as the grades turn in (mine and the classes).  I'm so busy, though. We're barely into it and I feel like I'm thinking about it all the time. This semester is weird. There's school work to turn in to the college AND there's a real life classroom full of students to keep up with.

It has snowed three times recently, but the evidence always melts away in the next forty-eight hours. Knoxville is just like Virginia Beach. When it snows (an inch and a half), everything shuts down. We also had a freezing rain storm that covered the world in a sheet of ice.

Last, but hardest of all, the spending fast is still a go. I went to Dollar Tree and bought some prizes for my students (I included that in the things I would have to do) and that felt like utter freedom. You know you're on a spending fast when it feels good to go to The Dollar Tree.

It's now my birthday month, which isn't as exciting for some reason this year. Maybe I'm growing up? This year, the goal is not my birthday. The goal is that cap and gown. Just need to get through the ninety-one days left til graduation. Next up? Kiddos. Little, blonde Nowak kiddos.

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