spending fast

We aren't the first people to do this. In fact, let's be honest. We is really just me. Matt doesn't walk into the thrift store just because he hasn't been there yet this week. Matt doesn't think about blowing half of his paycheck on storage containers from Target.

Until I graduate from college (May 6th, I think) , we are on a spending fast. This fast involves only buying things that we need. I use the word "need" as an American term. :) We are incredibly blessed.

Needs (things we can spend money on)

  • Rent
  • Utilities (but the heat is off, even though there's snow on the ground outside)
  • Food (stick to the basics)
  • Phones (really basic phones that can call and text)
  • Car expenses (insurance, gas, oil changes)
  • School supplies (I'm student teaching/graduating this semester and I am sure there will be things to purchase)
  • Other needs that pop up (doctor visits, the ticket that came in the mail the other day, etc.)

  • Those storage containers from Target
  • A t.v. (not that I want one, but I'm just saying that they aren't a need)
  • Movies that aren't from the library
  • Everything second hand
  • A hot drink that isn't already in our pantry
  • Eating out (exception: gift cards)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Etc.
As a reward for successfully completing this fast (which would be an AMAZING accomplishment) we are going out to sushi (favorite) and being super excited about how much money we will save by not spending a couple dollars a week on second-hand treasures etc.. This fast isn't going to last my whole life. This fast isn't going to last this whole year. This fast is only for four months, but I'm seriously going to try. Hopefully this will bring more joy to board games, picnics, bakings, and writing lesson plans. Here's hoping this fast will do this little family some good :) p.s. We're already over a 1/3 to our down payment goal! It's working. 


  1. I'm feeling inspired... can I do it? Good for you and your coming sushi!

    1. Do it with me! I'll try to remember to keep you accountable (ask how it's going occasionally), and you do the same for me!


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