loving others

The weeks dash by now, leaving little time for the things I love most. Student teaching is in full swing, and I feel I spend most of my days refereeing and not teaching, which leaves me mostly frustrated. I had envisioned a classroom of bright-eyed children who wanted to learn, but alas, I was placed in a real-life classroom. I've been thinking through what makes a virtuous woman and (from Proverbs 31:10, Proverbs 8:11, & Psalm 111:10) have come to the conclusion that it all begins with the fear of the Lord. Not being afraid of Him, but keeping His commandments. Loving others as much as I love myself, which is especially hard for me. 

So, in this short three months that I have left, I will be trying to love the students more than I love myself, and in that, help them more than any lesson on Africa or starfish ever could. 

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