emerald green

Recently, I read that emerald green is the color of the year. This is super convenient since the paint swatch I picked up in December to liven up our already green {but not so exciting} bookshelf was my idea of emerald. I looked through the blog for an old picture of the shelf, but apparently I didn't like it very much since it only ever showed up from a distance. Regardless, now it gets its closeup. I love how bright and happy it is against that white wall. Yay for doing something bold and loving it! 

In other happy news, I paid off my last semester of college. You know what that means? The on-going joy of no debt AND more money every week into savings for our house! I might have literally shrieked with joy when I left my college building. It feels so nice to have that goal accomplished! I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me the job He did, and that Matt and I can focus our money towards more exciting goals. :)

In kinda sad news, our kitty cat is sick. He's been throwing up {but still has an appetite}, and I hate to see him lethargic and nauseous. As silly as it may seem, pray he gets better soon!

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