Let's be honest with one another. This is a lifestyle/family/mommy/daddy/baby blog, except we don't have any babies yet. Really. That's what you're reading. A babyless baby blog.

I'm sick of posting about what I buy. Let's continue to be honest. Unless I'm telling you that your favorite store is secretly having a 99% off sale, you don't care. A brass whale that I find at the thrift store will never help you find something similar. Simply put, it's just a useless peek into my world. So, you're welcome for the glimpses, but they aren't the important stuff.

Next order of business. The important stuff. I grew up in a sheltered family. Skirts only, long hair, no PG-13 until I was 13 {and very selective at that point}, no touching boys etc. etc. Before you tell me you're sorry for me, let me continue our honesty streak. Sheltering us was the best thing that our parents did for us. I will raise my children with similar rules that my parents had for me. They will not be posted on the wall anywhere, they will simply be lived out. Again, there are no babies yet, so you don't need to hear our child raising philosophies in full.

Here's the nugget for today. We are reading/re-reading all of our books and stamping the inside with a small four letter word.


Whether you read that like "red" or "reed" the stamp means the same thing. We {the parents} have read this book, and you {the children} may read this book.

I'll be honest, this has been hard for me. I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks. Having collected most of his books, it's hard to be honest with myself. Isn't that where the honesty streak often ends? I enjoy his style of writing and I enjoy romance. I enjoy sex. But I don't want my children's minds to be filled with the slutty word pictures. Today, before our children are conceived, I have to chose to love them more than I love lust. I have to love their innocence more than I love that dirty pleasurable feeling that comes from reading a line or two of written porn.

My favorite book is "Redeeming Love". I wouldn't let a small child read it, but I will greatly encourage my older girls to read it. It has a wholesome, redeeming message. "READ"

My second favorite book is "The Notebook". I can't stamp it. I can't recommend it to my children. It makes it into our next thrift store pile.

Well, there you have it. A young Christian wife's decision to help her future family. A strangely difficult parting with trashy books to make room for wholesome reading. Not every book has to have a Christian message. Sometimes, children should read just to enlarge their world, but there won't be any written trash in this house.

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