in case you need some llama art

Really, who doesn't? Forever ago I made "heart art". It was easy, unoriginal, and pretty, but every time I looked at it I couldn't help but feel like it was someone else's idea, and therefore didn't belong in our living room. So... I tore all the hearts off. That sounds violent, but it was really nonchalant. Like "he loves me not" on flower petals. A soft yank.

When it was over, I had a blank, grassy green canvas and I asked for Matt's opinion,"What's something you would choose to describe us?" My mind was going all different directions, but Matt settled them with his random answer, "A llama."

He was right. Playful, random, geeky, and conservative. Whatever that means.

I cut out a llama silhouette, traced it onto the canvas in pencil, and then attached tiny strips of paper via rubber cement to make my "pinata texture" or Shag, the llama. If you're going to make your own shaggy animal using paper strips, just remember to start at the bottom and work your way up, so you get furry texture. Also,be really precise around the edges to make the lines crisp. Happy llama making!

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