We did it. After all the moments of, "I'm going to save up to buy that $600 one from Urban Outfitters." we took the plunge and bought our forever couch at a thrift store. Who's surprised? *crickets* Didn't think so. It's retro, tufted, wingback, and has a bed in it. It was $90. Fist pump!

We did make a tiny change to it through, that I think improved its curb appeal immensely. Here's the before and after. Tell me if you can spot the difference (in the couch specifically, not the rest of the room).

Dust ruffle gone. Matt pried it off with a hammer {it took five minutes tops} and I think it looks way amazing. When I first saw the couch, I picked up the dust ruffle to check out the cute little legs and knew that it was time for the ruffle to bite its own dust. Heh. :)

 To save you from scrolling, I'll put the one that shows its adorable feet down here, so we can collectively, "Awww" at the little feet.

Ready? Awww. So cute. Ok, well come visit us! We have an extra bed!

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