what not to wear

Today while I was dog sitting, I watched Clinton and Stacy help dress a woman who desperately needed style advice. She was a "big all over" sort of woman. While I'm not as large as the woman in question, we still have the same body shape. Big all the way through, with the waist as my smallest point. They kept emphasizing the need for a neck line that didn't plunge, but also wasn't high, saying that this would help draw attention to her neck, and therefore up to her face. They also were adamant that the dress should be tightest at your smallest point, (and loose everywhere else)to show that you have a figure without showing it off to the world.

Obviously my standard of modesty is higher than Clinton and Stacy's, but I appreciated their fashion advice none the less. So, today I am going through my wardrobe and chucking things that don't fit or flatter. Even if that only leaves me with a couple of shirts, I'd rather have a base that is modest and flatters instead of my clothes just being modest or just flattering. Let's try for the best of both worlds, shall we?

Like that shirt up there. If I gained fifty pounds it would still just float off of my body; It's that loose. So, I filled up that trash bag full of shirts and set some others aside for their material which I hope to use for a couple easy diys. Speaking of which, I'm totally making a rag doll.

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  1. I saw Stacy Londen doing a fashon thing at a mall 40 mins from my house :-)


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