thrifty thursday: brass whale & wooden frog

K, two things. 
1. I haven't been to a thrift store in weeks {trying to save money mostly means trying not to spend it} but today when I was dropping off half of my wardrobe , I decided I had earned a peek inside. 

2. Yay, me! That was a good decision on my part because I stumbled across a couple little treasures that were, in fact, made for me and Matthew.

First, this little brass whale. I die. He's so beautiful, brass, and he's a whale. Need I say more? I didn't think so. 

Now we have a brass boat, mouse, owl bell, candelabra, swans, and a whale. I'm living the dream. :)

Ok, second score. As I'm talking about whales, your mind should have drifted back to Fredrick. Remember him? He was a cute wooden whale who needed a paint job and some fresh loving. Well, lookie what I found.

Look familiar? It toadally totally should. It's like a frog version of my dear friend Fredrick. Maybe we should name him Frogrick. Or Frogsworth. Or The Hopster. Everything sounds cooler with "the" in front of it. In the spirit of keeping all things happily similar, I think he's going to get a fresh coat of green paint. Not that he needs it like Fredrick did, but he could definitely use the camaraderie it would ensure. 

Just for those of you who are worried about my child toy hoarding obsession... It's gonna be ok. Either we'll have a dozen babies to play with the toys, or I'll open a child's toy shop so some happy little curly haired kid gets to take the happy duo home. It's all good. :) 

Plus, we all know that secretly I buy the toys for me. I like them just as much as the future kiddos will. I haven't exactly banned Lamby to the closet. She still lives in the living room. :)

Whats your weakness? Brassy goodness? All things rolling? Names that begin with "the"? 

Me too. Love, The Amanda

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