a week off

Being a nanny is a weird job. For example, when everyone else has the day off, I might have to work all day, because what I do is watch someone else's children while they do something else. See how that works? So, Memorial Day, when everyone else is in a general "not working" mode, I'm definitely working.

But, unlike most nannies, I nanny for an awesome family who gives my husband and I free passes to a water park {yes, it is that one that you always pass on the interstate and wish you could go to} so we can enjoy some time off before working in the evening. In case you thought I was getting the short end of the proverbial stick, I'm definitely not. Oh, and I worked 36 hours this week, which is almost full-time. Whoa, baby {in a good way}.

On the flip side, when "my family" goes out of town, I have absolutely nothing I have to do, which is glorious. So, Monday- working. The rest of the week? Not so much. Here's to a week of having to do nothing, but doing a whole lot of something. Oh, and that water park on Monday will be my first one, and I am a huge fan of first times.

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