you may call me mary

Yes, that was a nursery rhyme reference.

I should probably get pregnant before we start officially decorating the nursery. Here's the good news {?}: We have no extra room to be the nursery, so we're currently safe there. But, I can't pass up an awesome child's toy. Especially if it's a giganormous lamb that's able to hold its chubby, fleecy body up on its own four feet.

Nowak babies are going to be like, "Huh? Most people ride horses? I always go for long adventures on my trusty lamby."

Yes, my kids {with the help of this lamb} will be that awesome.


  1. That lamb is cute! I just saw a lamp dog toy at Home Goods a few weeks ago that I really wanted to get for a dog, even though I don't have one yet!

    1. Haha, a dog toy before a dog probably isn't as bad as a giant lamb before a child. You are completely justified. ;)


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