thrifty thursday: 12 days of Christmas

I can't think of anything as out of place as a little Christmas spirit on a hot summer day. Well, maybe metallic fowls sitting on digits. Yep, that seems a little out of place too. :)

But who cares? I saw them and I loved them. Suddenly, we were gathered around a large Christmas tree and little hands were helping us place the ornaments as we sang songs about our Savior, mostly off key. I could see their pajama covered feet standing on tiptoe as they tried to fill the empty spots. Yes, everything that I can relate to our future family does make me happy, so these did the trick. We picked up the 12 of them {in a black velvet lined box with perfectly shaped forms to hold each ornament} for $10. A little steep for a cheap-o like me, but Matt told me to go for it, so we brought them home. I've been learning to appreciate the happy little things in life.

This week I have worked 3 eight hour days, which is amazing for a part time job. Yesterday, Matthew got a $100 tip from a millionaire who was happy with the job he did washing her windows. Last night, we were jerked awake by a jack hammer right outside our bedroom window. I glanced at the clock to see 2:59 glowing back at me. Instead of pointlessly yelling at the men or whining about the poor turn of events, Matthew grabbed our blankets and pillows and we migrated into the living room where we continued a {not as comfortable but still restful} night sleep.

I'm just happy that God has given me so much to be thankful for, and still so much {like metallic birds in chubby fingers} to look forward to.

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