lying to children

Mom: What do you want to drink?

Daughter: I want coke.

Mom: They don't have coke.

Daughter: But I want coke!

Dad: Get her pepsi and tell her it's coke! She won't know the difference.

Mom: Here you go, honey. It's coke.

Daughter: This is not coke!

Mom: It is coke!

Daughter: No, it's not! I can tell!

Mom: Anna, you can not tell! It is coke!

Me: *thinking* Um, that's not coke and you are repeatedly lying to your child.

Next day. Different family.

Son: Look mom! Red berries!

Mom: Yep, but we can't eat them.

Son: Why not?

Mom: They aren't ready yet.

Me: *thinking* Or cause they're poisonous. Yep, that would have been a better answer.

Please, don't lie to your kids. Even if the truth will take a couple words longer, it will help them know they can always believe you.

Also, two choices is enough for any child.

"What would you like to drink?" Seemingly endless (but actually limited) choices.

"Would you like sweet tea or chocolate milk?" Enough choice so that your child gets to feel in charge, but not enough to lead to an argument where you give them imaginary coke.

Yes, this is parenting advice from someone who doesn't have any children, but I do raise children for a living, so I pretend my opinion counts for something.

And, since I don't have a picture for this post and that's lame; Here is one of my kiddos.

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  1. Amanda this is my favorite post. I totally agree with not lying to your children. I've always stressed the importance of honesty and trust with Miranda. In fact she has gotten out of trouble several times just for being honest, and I still believe in leading by example so I make sure I'm always honest with her. Also, since I am super strict about what she eats and drinks, giving two choices has always been extremely helpful. Like you said, she gets to feel in charge, and I get to still monitor what she consumes or what activities she takes part in. I'm impressed by your insight and wisdom...excited for you to have little ones of your own. I can tell you're going to make a great mommy:-)


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